Car Lift For Car Dealer

Car Lift For Car Dealer


At the beginning of 2012 we were contacted by the owner of a well-known multi-brand dealer of Bari located near the industrial area on a important road connecting local orbital road to national road SS96. He had the following problem: although he had an exhibition building structured on several floors, ha had no space to include in its range a new brand and it would not be possible to access with cars to the upper floors neither from the inside using the classic lifts nor through an external ramp because, considering the difference in height (about 9 meters), it would have lost outdoor space; there was an evident need for a lifting system to bring the car to the upper floors.

The system we supplied was installed a few months later and gave the dealer the possibility to add a new brand in its range.

Our car lift platform is characterized by a double pantograph with a loader of 3 meters wide and 7 meters long for a run of about 9 meters; despite the significant difference in height, the mechanism does not need a guide as it is completely self-supporting.

Currently, the plant is in operation and in addition to being used to bring cars to the upper floors, due to its key position it is used as an exhibition place for the “cars of the week.”