The parking problem is always more topical; in residential and commercial buildings with small areas but also in the garage and get hotels of parking spaces is increasingly a technology challenge. Doubler, thanks to the lifting table, allows to double the cars using the same surface and without the need to make major construction work.

The lift works by placing a special key in the control panel and when the up and down buttons. According to safety regulations you must use type ‘dead man’ buttons for the user to control the operation.

The lifting system is made up according to the model of a double cylinder and push the opposite rack with load stability function which is a patented hydraulic device. The load capacity is 2500 kg. The structure of the mechanics and the platform are galvanized. Are present a safety cradle wheel stops, an adjustable wheel retainer for the car parked on the ground, an anti liquids drip system on the underlying vehicle, an electromechanical adjusting device adjustable in height and of the plates in steel for the eventual inclination of the platform.

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