Logistica sollevamento e movimentazione

The industrial world as well as the handicraft and trade sectors are increasingly demanding products for the solution of problems connected with horizontal and vertical handling.

Our solutions are designed starting from the will of better meeting the needs of customers, whether they are the largest aerospace and steel company or a service workshop for major rail repairs. Lift, move, tilt are familiar verbs to us; on the other hand they show a dynamism that is part of our DNA.

When a customer talk with us about his need, our engineers are then committed to face it thanks to their thirty years’ experience in our company, providing customized and appropriate solutions to the context where the product will be included. In order to clearly represent all solutions, particularly in the closest way to reality as possible, we use powerful “engineering” softwares and then, if the offer turns into order, other powerful “manufacturing” tools enable us to make a project on time for the complete satisfaction of our customers. 

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