“I would take a basket full of wood for the fireplace from the cellar” or “I want to bring that piece of furniture I no longer use but I don’t want to throw”; these are classic situations where I need a simple but very useful goods lift.

Often the space is only available in hard accessible places; the narrow staircase, the big size of what we want to move and fatigue turn an easy job into a massive undertaking. Often the solution is just at hand: for example, a trap door can become a goods lift; with appropriate precautions of safety standards, we can achieve appropriate solutions to save space occasionally used.

We have created a multitude of technical solutions for the making of direct drive goods lifts, in size or with the help of single or multiple pantograph platforms as well as a series of accessories such as the floor doors, self-supporting structures, multi-material paneling. Capacity rates from a few hundred kilograms to several tens of tons; runs from a few meters up to 12/15 meters.

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