In recent years, the platforms have often been the simple and economic solution to any problem of handling of goods, supplying of production lines, rapid leveling of two or more floors. Our platforms are constituted by a rigid base frame, resting directly on the floor where there is pantograph lifting system that is built with the principle of equal resistance, and to the top of it there’s a platform made in a way to resist, even in the presence of not perfectly distributed loads.

The functioning of the platform is given by means of an electrical system consisting of a control panel, an ascent/descent button panel used by man at low voltage (24V – Safety Standards), a control unit sends pressurized oil, one or more simple effect hydraulic jacks. All joints and rolling are constituted by high resistance steel pins and bushes of antifriction material (PTFE-Nylon).

The accident prevention safety norms are widely respected: block valves with maximum pressure, low voltage controls, a safe distance between the pantograph elements, anti-shearing perimeter; these are just some of the precautions normally under our attention. The use of a computer in the design and a widely tried and tested procedure in hundreds of projects allows us to achieve the ideal position of the cylinders in the articulated quadrilateral, a guarantee of reduced efforts that are as constant as possible.

In addition to a wide range of standard products, we are able to make particular platforms for sizes, loads or uses.

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