Sollevamento domestico


A steep stairway, an hardly “available” access, the aftermath of the weekend on the snow, the passing of the years: all these makes normal life uncomfortable at home, at work or out. Leaving the car in the garage and then going home with a little child and his car seat during a hot summer day; climbing the stairs to get in the kitchen or in the attic, that turns to be a far from simple.

Home-lift takes you effortlessly up to fourth floor in total security; it complies with current regulations and is CE-marked, has similar consumes as a household appliance, can also be easily and quickly installed in already existing environments.

Home-lift is available in four standard sizes, two models (direct-drive up to 4 running m, in size more than 4 m) and dozens of variations, plus the ability to customize the interior finishes, landing doors, floors and everything that can meet your needs and your tastes. Home-lift can be installed in a masonry shaft or in a self-supporting metal frame; it requires little maintenance and guarantees peacefulness.

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